Onwards is an evolving ecosystem brilliantly designed as a creative cowork environment, built for experimentation, personal development and growth.

With open plan studios and private office suites, our unique Newcastle warehouse is a supportive environment for working, connecting and building strong friendships under a common roof.

We’re focused on being an energetic and innovative studio aiming to support local, national and international creatives through exhibitions, creative collaborations, live music and heartfelt gatherings.

Join a studio of overly productive designers, typographers, artists, illustrators, animators, photographers, creative writers, and more that connect with a worldwide community of creatives.

Onwards members Brett Piva and Tom Henderson Collaborative Mural

Onwards members Brett Piva and Tom Henderson Collaborative Mural


Unlike most co-work spaces we offer so much more than the average practice of just selling you a desk.

Instead, we share a carefully selected group of alternative and talented individuals from diverse creative backgrounds that are the core of our strong community.

Incredibly smart, talented and motivated with a variety of skill sets that you can learn from and collaborate with to create exciting opportunities.

We’re a studio founded by artists with the sole purpose of supporting our fellow creatives. We’re nothing like the generic co-work model managed by a generous serving of greed with a side of trying to look cool.

We’ve all been too close to these environments and understand their one and only goal. This is why you’re not just another number with us.

You’re an integral part of the community.